Nexus Nidaros is a multidisciplinary research group originating in the local research community in Trondheim, involving scholars with a special interest in Nidaros archbishopric and church province.

The initiative is a long-term commitment designed to reach our chief objective: to acquire a better understanding of the transitions and traditions infusing the relationship between church and society from the Viking Age Christianization to the present day use of religious aspects from the Middle Ages.

We host conferences, seminars and workshops, edit books, initiate research projects and research groups, and provide a meeting place for local scholars.

The network’s members are affiliated with the following institutions:

  • NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • DKNVS The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters
  • NDR Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop
  • NIKU Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research
  • SNK Stiklestad National Culture Centre

The group is hosted by the Department of Historical Studies, NTNU